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Quest Rooms Logikum

France (DreamTown 1)

Quest Rooms Logikum - have fun and develop!

Do you want to celebrate Birthday? Corporation? Or just have fun? Welcome to the quest room! This is an entertainment in which your team for 60 minutes will become heroes of the chosen plot. The main purpose is to find the exit from closed room full of mysteries, secrets and twisted quests. Choose topic that you like - Harry Potter's magical world and its secrets, or the romance of the post-apocalypse with the story of a strange scientist who wanted to save the world. What story would be yours? Have fun in a new way!


Quest Rooms Logikum
07.11.2019 - 25.11.2019
Квест-кімнати Logikum запрошують Вас у магічний світ Гаррі Поттера
Quest Rooms Logikum
18.09.2019 - 18.10.2019
Грай в новій захоплюючій квест кімнаті
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03 Jule 2019 12:19:43