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05 June 2024
DREAM works for security

DREAM works for security.

Rules of conduct in case of air alarm.
1. Air alarm signals are duplicated in the premises of the mall.
2. These rules are mandatory in case of air alarm, even if the air alarm signals for any reason are not duplicated in the mall.
- all shops and outlets are obliged to provide visitors with information on the rules of conduct during an air alert;
- Employees of the mall, tenants, visitors must go down to the first floor of the mall, go to the nearest exits and go to the shelter. The nearest shelters, located nearby, are in the subway at metro stations: Obolon, Minsk, Heroes of the Dnieper;

- All exits of the mall during the air alarm are OPEN TO THE EXIT.
These rules do not exclude other requirements and instructions of the Government, the military administration of Kyiv, which are binding, as well as the rules and instructions for tenants approved by the decisions of the administrations of the relevant entities, binding.
Don't ignore the air alarm! Take care of yourself and your loved ones!