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05 June 2024
DREAM energy hub

No light and power to work? Are all your gadgets dead? Or is there just not enough heat? We have a solution - DREAM energy hub for you, kitty!

DREAM energy hub has for you:

- Wi-Fi
- light
- sockets
- drinking water
- children's area with toys
- books
- friendly and warm atmosphere

Location: DREAM yellow, France atrium, 2nd floor and DREAM berry, Africa Atrium, 1st floor.
Working hours: 10:00-21:00

Free entrance!

Be a polite cat - follow the rules of staying in the hub. They are below, quickly read and recharge in our DREAM energy hub.

1. You must keep the hub premises neat and tidy. Please be aware that you are responsible for yourself and your kids.
2. It is possible to bring food and drinks, except for those that have a strong disgusting smell
3. You should be polite to others, do not disturb people around you and do not make any noise
4. Please be aware that Hub administration is not responsible for your belongings
5. Strongly prohibited to charge any homemade power-banks , car batteries, boat batteries and any external batteries with a capacity more than 30000 mAh.
6. Strongly prohibited to visit Hub in an alcoholic or narcotic state.
7. It is forbidden to smoke (including any vape or electronic devises) and drink any alcoholic beverages.
8. It is forbidden to bring weapons, explosive and flammable objects, alcohol and narcotic stuff.
9. Be aware that during air raid alert the Hub is closing.

With a full list of rules you can see on our official web site dreamtown.ua or you can ask administrator