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DREAM is pet friendly

05 June 2024
DREAM is pet friendly

Rules and conditions for the stay of visitors with animals in the Common areas of the DREAM shopping center: what you need to know before taking your pet to the shopping and entertainment center

1. When you bring your pet to a public place (including a shopping and entertainment center), please make sure that it is properly socialized and knows how to interact with strangers and other animals to avoid stressful and negative situations (incidents ) between animals.
2. Always keep animals on a leash or in a proper pet bag so they are not left unattended.
3. Be sure to clean up after your pet. Please dispose of excrement in the dumpsters located at each entrance from the outside of the mall.
4. A person who has reached the age of 14 can accompany a pet.
5. Below is a list of dangerous dog breeds that must be muzzled and next to the owner on a leash in public places (including shopping centers).
In accordance with clause 28 (liability insurance of dog owners (according to the list of breeds determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine) of the first part of article 7 of the Law of Ukraine "On Insurance" and the fifth paragraph of the fifth part of article 9
The list of dangerous dog breeds, approved by Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated November 10, 2021 No. 1164:
• Aidi (Atlasian shepherd)
• Ainu (Ainu dog, Hokkaido)
• Akbash
• Akita-inu
• American Akita (large Japanese dog)
• American Bandog
• Bergamasco (Bergham sheepdog)
• Broholmer is Danish
• Bouvier Ardennes
• Bouvier flaneur
• Alapasky purebred bulldog (otto)
• American bulldog
• Mallorcan bulldog (ca-de-bo, pero de presso mallorquin)
• Bullmastiff
• English bull terrier
• English Staffordshire bull terrier
• South African boerboel
• Kart shepherd (Kart shepherd)
• Dutch Shepherd
• Greek shepherd
• Estrela sheepdog (Portuguese horn)
• Caucasian shepherd (Caucasian wolfdog)
• Central Asian shepherd dog (alabai, Central Asian wolf dog)
• East European shepherd dog
• French Shepherd (Beauseron)
• Irish Wolfhound
• Gampr
• Doberman
• Dogue Argentino (Argentine Mastiff)
• Great Dane
• Kangal
• Cane Corso
• Cao de Castro Laboreiro
• Cao de serra de astrella (Portuguese shepherd dog)
• Marema (Marema-Abruzzo sheepdog)
• English Mastiff
• Belgian mastiff
• Pyrenean mastiff
• Tibetan Mastiff
• Moscow Watch
• Pero de presa canario (canary dog)
• American pit bull terrier
• Rafeira dualintejo (Portuguese guard dog)
• Rhodesian Ridgeback
• Thai Ridgeback
• Rottweiler
• Italian wolf dog
• Saarloos wolfdog (wolfhound)
• Czech wolf dog
• American Staffordshire terrier
• Toza-inu (Japanese fighting dog)
• Metis of all the specified breeds