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Oschadbank is one of the largest financial and banking institutions in Ukraine, which operates steadily in conditions of constant competition in the market of banking services and seeks to be a modern competitive bank.
This is the only bank that has a government guarantee on the investment of ukranians in accordance with the Law of Ukraine about Banks and Banking.

Having the status of a state-owned "Oschadbank" seeks to be the embodiment of stability, confidence and dynamic development, the national property of the state and a symbol of respectability.
Today, all types of population use the services of the bank, which provides the leading position of the bank in the market of retail banking services of Ukraine. The Bank focuses its efforts on creating favorable conditions for servicing customers, expanding the list of banking services, and increasing the presence on the market of products and services.
Understanding the social importance of the presence of a state bank in the most remote corners of the country and its role in the implementation of state programs, the bank focuses its efforts on creating favorable conditions for servicing all types of the population, providing social and compensatory payments to citizens, providing a full range of services and other operations. Taking into account the social orientation, the bank aims are to maintain a broad presence in all regions of Ukraine.

Banking services:
• Deposits
• Receiving payments
• Currency exchange
• Money transfers

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