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Today it is not easy to surprise anyone with the unusual and original gift. But you have a unique opportunity to do this. Souvenirs from the glass always attract attention. What about glass souvenirs with your image inside?

A photo in a glass - it is your favorite (digital/paper) photos carried by laser engraving inside a glass crystal. Laser engraving in crystal makes it possible to make an exclusive, unique, individual souvenir, which will admire for a long time.
With us, you will be able to choose the shape of your gift, and our designers will create a layout of the future crystal, taking into account all your wishes.
In order to become an owner of crystal you need to come to us with a photo in digital or paper form. The engraving process takes only about half an hour. There is also an opportunity to send a photo to our email and pick up the finished crystal at any convenient time.

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