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China (DreamTown 1)

We provide services in repair and prevention of clocks. We make repair of mechanisms of any complexity, repair of decor. Installing glass of any shape and configuration. Installation of non-standard lanyards.
Wide range of colors and sizes for Stailer watches at recommended prices.
Replacement of straps.

Stailer straps:

  • base collection. Dimensions 6mm - 36mm. M, L, XL, XXL. Genuine leather with all kinds of embossed and colored.
  • Stailer Premium Collection: Chrono, Eleganse, Fashion, Trend, Aviator, Titan, Waterproof.
    Dimensions 18mm - 24mm. M, L. Natural double-sided leather of the highest quality.
    Presence of color and embossing.
  • Stailer Business dimensions 14mm - 24mm. M, L, XL. Straps made of genuine leather sharks, lizards, ostriches, raccoons, crocodiles, alligators. The presence of color. Rubber, sizes 18mm - 28mm.

Clips for straps. Stainless steel, IProse, IPgold.
We are the best representative of the company Stailer in Ukraine.

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