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Freggia (Frejja) is a home appliances of the European manufacture created under high standards. Durability, excellent quality, reliability, aesthetics and a pleasant share of conservatism are so common in Europe that they have long become the main sign of products created in it. All these components of the company Freggia pawns in every unit of technology - whether it's a hob, oven or a washing machine. After all, any of them, having settled in your house, will take an active part not only in everyday life, but also in creating an atmosphere in the house. And in case you prefer high-tech retro-design, with the Freggia technique in a minimalistic style, the invisible spirit of a traditionally united, respected, cheerful and respectable Italian family will still settle in your house. The company Freggia makes every effort to ensure that you are confident not only in an excellent result, but also in the future. So, we provide a lifetime guarantee for the self-cleaning system, and thanks to a careful selection of wear-resistant and easy-care materials for all equipment, a full guarantee is provided - 2 years. Ergonomics - also one of the main qualities of household appliances Freggia. To work with it is comfortable: you do not need to make unnecessary movements or overcome inconveniences, adapting to it. Even the smallest detail is delicately thought out and made, which makes handling with Freggia technique comfortable and enjoyable always.

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