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Kigurumi is the Japanese name for costumed performers. Pajamas are a variety of costumes for cartoon characters, fairy tales, animals, and other characters. In any city you can accidentally meet a smiling person dressed in kigurumi. Now you just have to know that he wears a proud name - kigurumin! Such little men can often be found on flash mobs and youth walks in Kiev and regions. By the way, very often kigurumi is used as a women's or men's pajamas. Such pajamas can also be worn by children from 3 years old! The costume is made of dense felsofta or fleece, it is easily washed, suitable for representatives of any gender and universal! Pajamas kigurumi in the form of animals are perfect for snowboarding and skiing, for walking dogs at any time of the year, skating on roller skates and scooters in the summer, visiting recreational activities and the like. You can do anything in it! You can even sleep and go to work in it. All in the hands of your imagination ... Fans of extravagant things will certainly like kigurumi. Over time, the popularity of kigurumi has become so high that it has become a separate line of everyday clothing. Kigurumi is often used as a carnival costume for the holidays or animators when working with children) Buying pajamas from us you get the lowest price and excellent quality! Now pajamas can become an ideal gift for fans of your favorite cartoons. Adults and children can easily turn into a panda, a chipmunk, a tiger cub or a donkey, just put on your favorite pajamas. From now on, the house will not just be good, but also incredibly fun, because you can buy kugurumi for the whole family and arrange whole performances at home parties, children's parties, just chilling the evening, communicating with loved ones. In delight from it there will be not only children, but also adults.

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