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England (DREAM berry)

The history of «LORI» furniture factory has been started in 1997 from a small woodworking workshop, which specialized in joinery products. Subsequently, the company started to produce particleboard cabinet furniture. In spite of its great popularity in the 90 years, it failed to be a well-deserved answer to natural wood at the market. So, in 2004 «LORI» Ltd. directorate сhose the  strategic direction of natural and environmentally safe furniture producing. After a market-oriented research in Ukraine and Europe we developed a new model range, which could satisfy the most demanding customers. Our team acquired the German technology of processing wood and raised production quality requirements.  Now «LORI» factory products are recognized not only in Ukraine but also in Western Europe and Scandinavia. Our furniture embodies modern trends, high-quality, and the most importantly environmental safety.

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